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The Studio Ghibli Museum (Museo d'Arte Ghibli) was established in 2001. It primarily serves to introduce visitors to the works of the studio, but does so in an informal manner almost like that of a small theme park.

Museum Plan

As the brochure states, the museum is:

A peculiar building, carefully designed exhibits, original short animated films that can only be seen here, a cozy cafe... You will discover many interesting things in the Museum. There are not any set routes that you must follow. You are the one to discover your own way. Those who can lose their way and fully enjoy this space are welcomed at the Museum.

You can see why the theme of the museum is "Let's Lose Our Way, Together."



Short Films Shown at the Museum


For commercially-released media related to the Studio Ghibli Museum, see the following page: Studio Ghibli Museum (Availability)

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