The Day I Bought a Star

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The Day I Bought a Star (星をかった日 Hoshi wo Katta Hi?) is one in a series of short films produced to screen exclusively at the Studio Ghibli Museum in Japan. There has been no commercial release for this film, which premiered at the museum's Saturn Theater in 2006.

The Day I Bought A Star is based on the story Iblard by Naohisa Inoue, with screenplay and direction by Hayao Miyazaki.

Click on the thumbnails below for some sample pages from the film's program pamphlet:

  • Screenplay, direction: Hayao Miyazaki
  • Original story: Naohisa Inoue
  • Voices
    • Nona: Ryunosuke Kamiki
    • Niinya: Kyoka Suzuki
    • Meekinsoh: Yoh Ohizumi
    • Scoppello: Genzo Wakayama
  • Music: Yuriko Nakamura, Norihiro Tsuru, soundtrack CD
  • Animation Direction: Megumi Kagawa
  • Art Direction: Yohei Takamatsu
  • Length: 16 minutes