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House Hunting (やどさがし Yado Sagashi?) is one in a series of short films produced to screen exclusively at the Studio Ghibli Museum in Japan. There has been no commercial release for this film, which premiered at the museum's Saturn Theater 3 January 2006. It has also had one screening outside of the museum as part of the JapanNYC Festival at Carnegie Hall in New York City on 26 March 2011.

Description by Chris Beveridge at

Fuki packs what she needs into a big rucksack and sets out on a journey to look for a new house. She leaves the city and heads off into the mountains. Along the way, she encounters some of Japan's many guardian spirits and leaves them each a token offering. And then she finds a place that's just right. Or is it? In this short film, all of the sound effects are voiced by two actors. Sometimes the Japanese onomatopoeic sounds — sounds that are meant to imitate the things that make them — appear as Japanese characters on the screen. But whether you understand Japanese or not, the sounds in the film speak for themselves.

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