Boro the Caterpillar

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Boro the Caterpillar (毛虫のボロ Kemushi no Boro?) is the tenth in a series of short films produced to screen exclusively at the Studio Ghibli Museum in Japan. There will be no commercial release for this film, which will premier at the museum's Saturn Theater on 21 March 2022.

The film is an original story, with the screenplay written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. From the description at the museum's website (link provided by SoraNews24):

Just before the dawn breaks, Boro the caterpillar hatches from an egg in the grass.

The morning sun, the first he’d ever seen, was dazzlingly bright, and he drew in his first breaths of the delicious air of the world. He climbed down to the surface, where other caterpillars and hostile creatures were, and took his first steps upon this earth.