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One of the exhibitions held at the Ghibli Museum in 2003 focused on the film Laputa, Castle In The Sky. The aviation focus of the exhibition seems to have been on the fantastical creations shown in Laputa rather than the more realistic fighter planes in Porco Rosso.

The exhibit showed some illustrations and explanations about the production of Laputa, with the centrepiece being a recreation of the plane that Pazu was building.

A short film was made to accompany the exhibition, which depicted an alternate history of flight. In a society of pigs, the narrator-guide is a pig in trenchcoat and sunglasses who resembles Marco in Porco Rosso (or, if you prefer, Miyazaki's common depiction of himself). The style and tone of the milieu are influenced by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, with submarines shown in addition to giant propeller-driven passenger planes. Even the skyscrapers of the imagined future seem closer to the ziggurat in Metropolis than the shiny glass boxes of real-life modern Tokyo.

The illustrated booklet produced for the exhibition reproduces many of the exhibit's explanations.

Tracking Shot
Alternate History of Flight