Koro's Big Day Out

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Koro's Big Day Out (コロの大さんぽ Koro no Daisampo?) is a short film about 15 minutes long, shown occasionally only at the Studio Ghibli Museum. Currently there has been no commercial release for this film.

Koro is a puppy owned by a little girl in a small town. One day she leaves the front gate ajar when she goes to school. Koro slips out and wanders the streets of the town. He is picked up by a girl riding a bicycle, but slips away at the level train crossing. He meets a friendly old dog and his kindly owners, while his mistress and her father ride around town putting up "Lost" signs on the power poles. Koro eventually falls asleep under a delivery van, whose driver gives him a ride. When he gets near home, Koro smells the familiar neighborhood and leaps out of the truck and into the arms of his delighted mistress.

Click on the thumbnails below for some sample pages from the film's booklet:

Note: The "small town" in real life is actually the area surrounding Studio Ghibli.