Treasure Hunting (Japan book)

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Treasure Hunting
Treasure Hunting Japan book cover.jpg
Front Cover
Author Rieko Nakagawa
Original title (if not in English) たからさがし
(Takara Sagashi)
Illustrator Yuriko Omura
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Fukuinkan Publishing
Released 10 March 1994
Pages 28
Size and weight 20 x 27cm
ISBN -10: 4-83-401231-X
-13: 978-4834012316

Original Price: ¥840 (tax included)

Note: Children's picture book (for ages 3 and up) by Rieko Nakagawa and Yuriko Yamawaki, with illustrations by Yuriko Omura. From the English-language description at ANN:

In the story, a boy named Yuuji and a rabbit named Gikku find a stick at the same time, and decide to compete in games to decide who can keep the stick. However, whether it is a foot race, long jump, or sumo wrestling, they always end up in a tie.

This story was adapted by Hayao Miyazaki into the Studio Ghibli Museum short film Treasure Hunting in 2011.