NHK Two People ~ From Up on Poppy Hill (Japan BD)

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NHK ~ Two People
From Up on Poppy Hill
Father and Son 300 Day War
Hayao Miyazaki and Goro Miyazaki
Two People BD Cover Front.png
Case cover
Original title NHK ふたり
(NHK Futari
Kokurikozaka kara
Chichi to Ko no 300 Nichi Sensou
Hayao Miyazaki X Goro Miyazaki)
Media type BD
Aspect Ratio  16:9
Region A
Country Japan
Language(s) Japanese (LPCM 2.0) 16-bit
Subtitle(s) Japanese
Series Ghibli ga Ippai Collection Special
Publisher Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment
Released 16 May 2012
Video format BD - 1080i MPEG4 AVC
# of Discs 1 - BD50
Runtime 73 minutes
Catalog # VWBS-1352
JAN: 4959241713520

Original Price: ¥ 4935 (tax included)

Notes: Single-disc blu-ray edition. From ANN's description: This "making of" documentary follows both Hayao Miyazaki and his son Goro Miyazaki for the 10 months they worked together on the film From Up on Poppy Hill (コクリコ坂から Kokurikozaka kara?). Hayao Miyazaki planned and co-wrote the film, which Goro Miyazaki directed. The documentary discusses the conflict that previously arose between the two men when Goro directed Tales from Earthsea against Hayao's wishes (but at the insistence of producer Toshio Suzuki). The documentary explores how that conflict played a part in the two working together on Poppy Hill, especially regarding the creation of the main character Umi. It also examines the postponement of the film and the effect the 11 March 2011 Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (東日本大震災 Higashi Nihon Daishinsai?) disaster had on the film's production, and on the Miyazaki's father-and-son relationship.

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