Lupin III (Japan DVD)

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Lupin III - The Castle of Cagliostro
Lupincoc jpn dvd cover front.png
DVD Cover
Original title ルパン三世・カリオストロの城
(Rupan Sansei - Kariosutoro no Shiro)
Media type DVD
Aspect Ratio  1.85:1 Windowboxed Anamorphic Widescreen
Region 2
Country Japan
Language(s) Japanese (DD 2.0 mono)
Japanese (DD 2.0 remix)
English (DD 2.0 mono)
Subtitle(s) English (Dubtitles)
Series Ghibli ga Ippai Collection Special
Publisher Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Japan)
Released 26 April 2001
Video format NTSC
# of Discs 2 - DVD-9
Runtime 100 minutes
Catalog # VWDZ8032<br\>JAN: 4959241980328
Price ¥4700

Notes: 2 Disc release of this TMS Tokyo Movie Shinsha film under the Ghibli ga Ippai Collection Special label.

First disc contents:

  • The film itself with options for the original mono Japanese track, digital stereo Japanese track, English digital stereo track (Streamline dub), and Japanese or English subtitles. The English subtitles are actually "dubtitles" timed to the English language track with its extra dialog - they don't match the timing of Japanese track.

Second disc contents:

  • The film itself with storyboards available via the Alternate Angle feature (in Japanese only, no subtitles).
  • Theatrical trailer in both original and clean ("non-telop" or no graphics) versions.
  • Theatrical teaser trailer for Spirited Away.
  • Ghibli ga Ippai DVD trailers for Kiki's Delivery Service and Sherlock Hound.

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