Sherlock Hound

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TV Series: 6 November 1984 - 20 May 1985 / 26 episodes, only 6 involving Miyazaki
Direction, Scripts: Hayao Miyazaki

Sherlock Hound and Watson
Sherlock Hound and Watson
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Sherlock Hound (名探偵ホームズ Meitantei Hoomuzu?) (literally: "Famous Detective Holmes") is the last TV series Miyazaki made. It was made as a joint project between Tokyo Movie Shinsha and an Italian TV station, RAI, in 1981. Miyazaki directed six episodes (and wrote scripts for some of them), but the production was put on hold due to a copyright dispute with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's estate. In 1984, after the copyright dispute was finally resolved, Tokyo Movie Shinsha decided to make more episodes of Holmes and to air it as a TV series as originally planned, with totally different staff members from the first six episodes.

The series is action packed, and really fun to watch. There are many classic Miyazaki moments -- car chases, flying scenes, a strong woman, villains turning good, etc. All the characters such as Holmes, Watson, Mrs. Hudson, and Professor Moriarty were depicted as anthropomorphic dogs.

The 46-minute movie version combines two TV episodes directed by Miyazaki: Blue Carbuncle and Treasure Under the Sea. This movie was released in theaters together with Nausicaä in 1984, and has different OP and ED themes, as well as different voice actors from the TV version. The Japanese theater audience reaction to the movie was quite favorable, and helped spur a resolution to the copyright dispute.

The six episodes from 1981, directed by Miyazaki before the show's production was put on hiatus, were incorporated into the series as the following episodes:

Episode 3 - A Small Client
Episode 4 - Mrs. Hudson is Taken Hostage
Episode 5 - The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
Episode 9 - Treasure Under the Sea
Episode 10 - The White Cliffs of Dover
Episode 11 - The Sovereign Gold Coinsv