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Dining in the Air (空中でお食事 Kūchū de o-Shokuji?) is an eight page all-watercolour manga about the history of the in-flight meal, from 1914 to today. It is written in the same style as Zassō Note.

It was published in the in-flight magazine of JAL, which was one of the producers of the movie Porco Rosso, and has screened other Miyazaki films as in-flight movies.

Published as:

  • "Winds," the in-flight magazine of Japan Air Line, June 1994 issue.

Available in:

  • "Shuppatsuten [1979–1996]" (Starting Point, 1979–1996)

1996, Tokuma Shoten, ISBN 4-19-860541-6, 2621 yen. Compilation of essays and interviews of Miyazaki. 584pp.

English translation:

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