Tigers Covered with Mud

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Tigers Covered with Mud
Hayao Miyazaki's Fantasy Notes
Tigers Covered with Mud cover.jpg
Front Cover
Author Hayao Miyazaki
Original title (if not in English) Tiger Im Schlamm
(Dora Mamire no Tora)
(Miyazaki Hayao no
Mousou Nooto)
Illustrator Hayao Miyazaki
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Series Mousou Note
Subject(s) Otto Carius
Publisher Dainippon Kaiga
Released 15 July 2002
Media type Manga
Pages 87
Size and weight A4 softcover
ISBN -10: 4-499-22790-9
-13: 978-4499227902

Price: ¥2625 (tax included)


An all-watercolor manga by Hayao Miyazaki based on Tigers in the Mud, the memoirs of Otto Carius, a WWII German tank commander.

Tiger Ace Otto Carius destroyed more than 150 tanks during his WWII career. Carius originally joined the 20th Panzer Division in 1941, during the attack on Russia. In 1943 he transferred to the 502 Tiger battalion. This unit fought at Leningrad and then in the area of Narva, Estonia. Carius was wounded in the summer of 1944, subsequently becoming the commander of a Jagdtiger company in the West at the beginning of 1945. He surrendered to the Americans in May.

Miyazaki's manga concerns the exploits of Carius in Estonia during his fight against the advancing Soviet army. All of the characters appear as pigs.

Miyazaki continues to occasionally publish manga stories under the new series name, Hayao Miyazaki's Fantasy Notes (宮崎駿の妄想ノート Miyazaki Hayao no Mousou Nooto?, "mousou" can also mean "wild or crazy idea" or "delusion"). For more information please visit our Manga page.

Serialized in:

  • Model Graphix, a Japanese scale model magazine from publisher Dainippon Kaiga, originally ¥ 740 per issue, from December 1998 (Vol 169) to May 1999 (six episodes).

English Translation

None available commercially. A complete fan translation is available at Tom Wilkes' web site.

Cover with obi
Cover with obi