A Sumo Wrestler's Tail (OST)

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A Sumo Wrestler's Tail
Chuuzumou OST CD Japan cover.jpg
Ghibli Museum CD cover
Original title ちゅうずもう
Composer Manto Watanobe
Performer Shang Shang Typhoon
Media type CD
Country Japan
Publisher Team Mamma Aiuto
Released 3 January 2010
Catalog # MGD-R-00006
# of Discs 1
# of Tracks 6

Museum Price: ¥1000 (tax included)

Notes: Studio Ghibli Museum release on their Team Mamma Aiuto label, the series of museum short film soundtracks available for sale only at the museum. 

Track Title/[English translation] Notes Time
1 はじまり
[The Beginning]
2 一大決心
(Ichidai Kesshin)
[A Momentous Decision]
3 おおこちそう
[Well, You Will Forget]
4 むすびの一番
(Musubi no Ichiban)
[The Best Riceballs]
5 大笑い
[A Great Laugh]
6 6匹のおねずみ
(Roppiki no O-nezumi)
[Six Mice]
Bonus track

Museum CD back cover with obi
Museum CD back cover with obi