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Toshio Suzuki's "Incredible" Plan

It was revealed on the latest Toshio Suzuki radio show that he has an incredible plan for next summer.

One of the guests asked Suzuki a question near the end of the radio show.

Guest: When is Takahata-san's film released?

Suzuki: Well, Miyazaki... (narration is inserted on top of Suzuki's voice)

Narration: Sorry, we cannot yet broadcast this talk, but, actually Suzuki-san seems to have an incredible plan which is not swept irresistibly by the current of the times.

Guests: Wooooow! (Guests are astonished by Suzuki's plan)

Suzuki: I'm so sorry, but we make all of next summer into Studio Ghibli.

(Laughter and the applause by guests)

Narration: Probably, Calcifer's flame begins to blaze like a brick from now on.

It is still unknown what Suzuki's words mean, but Studio Ghibli has announced that animation production on Takahata's new film began in January and it is going to be completed in the summer of 2013. Hayao Miyazaki's new epic film animation production has been active since June 30 of 2011 and Miyazaki already mentioned in CUT magazine that he is making a film about a Japanese engineer who developed a weapon of the war. And he mentioned in the Neppu January issue that animation on his film will be completed in the summer of 2013.

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Arrietty Box Office Results, Grave of the Fireflies in LA

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Arrietty News Bits

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News from Japan

  • Toshio Suzuki revealed during a conversation with Shunji Iwai on a TV show that Goro Miyazaki's next film is a Chanbara film (samurai sword fight movie) set in Tohoku (East Japan) of the Middle Ages and is currently in the planning stage. According to Suzuki, it mixes historical fact with fiction.
  • Hayao Miyazaki mentioned in Neppu's February issue that his new film is going to be completed during the summer of next year, but he does not know how it will turn out by the change of social conditions.
  • NHK's Kokuriko-zaka production documentary "Futari (two persons) / Kokuriko-zaka: 300 Days War of Father and Son" will be released on May 16. 73 minutes, no English subtitles.
  • A new film will be unveiled at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo supervised by Director A (Hideaki Anno) and Director H (possibly Higuchi Shinji). This film will be a special feature of the exhibition.
  • A farewell party was held on December 13 for Steve Alpert who is returning to US.
  • The Eagle's Japanese website quotes Hayao Miyazaki's comment from "50 Iwanami Boys Books Chosen by Hayao Miyazaki." "The original book is a masterpiece of the historical novel. I'd tried several times to create a magnificent animation, move this story to the ancient Tohoku, Japan. I was excited while imagining the ancient Edo bay where people are not, but it is not yet realized. This is one of my very favorite novels."

Nishioka, formerly the director of Studio Ghibli's public relations department (it was dissolved) and the writer of the Studio Ghibli production diary, has moved to the Studio Ghibli Museum and started a new video diary. Highlights from various videos:

    1. 232 (1:16) - Q: The reason why you chose Yonebayashi (Maro) as a director. M: Because there was not another talented person. And inspiration.
    2. 233 (0:44) - Miyazaki talks about Yonebayashi's characteristics

(5:03) Advice to Yonebayashi

    1. 234 (1:00) The reason why Miyazaki was attracted by the original book

(2:32) The reason why changed the setting to Japan. M: Young animators do not have the curiosity or yearning to understand the culture of a foreign country. Their concern has turned to only the contents of things showed on TV, or a mail order catalog. Because it is impossible to say to them "Go to Britain and make a movie based there", I thought that a old Japanese house was possible. But I think that they remain ignorance as ever. This does not slander the staff. I think that curiosity is fundamentally lacking in the a current Japanese state. Not the curiosity for the private life of a celebrity, but about life, eating, ancestors, and the history of us. I think that their deplorable curiosity narrows the stage of a movie. They can create a ship from science fiction because they watched a lot of such movies. They can look at Tokyo like Blade Runner-style. Because they watched such a movie. Though they must become a top batter, I think that their effort is insufficient.

    1. 235 - Miyazaki talks about the past, the present, and the future of Japanese animation
    2. 226-#231 - Yonebayashi talks about Arrietty and Miyazaki.
    3. 252-#253 - The place that became the stage of Arrietty
    4. 264 - Arrietty Genga (key frame drawings)
    5. 265 - Art boards
    6. 266-#268 - The process of character design by Yonebayashi

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Arrietty News You Can Use

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Arrietty Clips

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