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Video List: Future Release Schedule


This is a list of tentative future release dates for Studio Ghibli-related videos (all formats) around the world. If you know of anything that should be added to this list, please let us know.

Studio Ghibli has put up a preliminary release schedule (in Japanese) on their web site listing Miyazaki- and Takahata-related DVDs that will be released in the future. We have compiled that information, along with information about releases elsewhere in the world, and put it in the table below. If you're looking for inexpensive Hong Kong or Taiwanese DVD box sets, go here.

We will update this web page when we get new information. If you have any questions about the schedule, please visit the Answers to common questions page or the feedback FAQ.
Previous Video Release Dates

All information in this list is subject to change without notice.
26 November Germany DVD (Region 2) Stimme des Herzens (Whisper of the Heart) [details]
28 November Hungary DVD (Region 2) Szentjánosbogarak sírja (Limitált digipack kiadás) (Grave of the Fireflies- Limited Digipack Edition) [details]
11 December Hungary DVD (Region 2) Pom Poko - A tanukik birodalma (Pom Poko - The Kingdom of the Tanukis) [details]
14 December Hungary DVD (Region 2) Yesterday - Vissza a gyerekkorba (Yesterday - Back to Childhood) [details]
18 December Hungary DVD (Region 2) A Yamada család (The Yamada Family) [details]
18 December Hungary DVD (Region 2) A könyvek hercege (The Prince of the Books) [details]
28 January Germany DVD (Region 2) Stimme des Herzens (Whisper of the Heart) [details]
28 January UK DVD (Region 2) Tales from Earthsea [details]
1 March Czech Republic DVD (Region 2) Kocour v botácch (Puss 'n Boots) [details]
-- Everywhere DVD (Region X) Anything not on the above list or the Previous Video Release Dates
Last Updated: April 1, 2008

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