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What's New? -- 1996

Updates to the Miyazaki Web during 1996

To 1997's changes.
December 31, 1996:
This webpage celebrates its 2nd birthday!
December 30, 1996:
Installed the prototype film page for Nausicaä over the old one. The old one is still available as a link (look for "related webpages") from the new one.
Added a link to Alex Lee's Nausicaa page from the Nausicaä links page.
December 27, 1996:
Installed a feedback form that visitors can use to send in their comments about the webpages.
December 25, 1996:
Compiled a Totoro page from the associated links that were on the Films page.
Added a link to Alex Lee's Totoro page.
December 22, 1996:
Added David Goldsmith's scans from the Kiki book.
Also compiled a Kiki page from the associated links that were on the Films page.
December 7, 1996:
Finished the "Features" page, with links to other parts of interest on the Miyazaki web.
December 2, 1996:
Added a FAQ page, and a 5th prototype page. The 5th should be the last, and will be a low-graphics page to aid those people with slow Internet connections.
December 1, 1996:
Added TXT and ZIPped RTF versions of the comprehensive FAQ compiled by Ryoko Toyama to the file archive.
Renamed file-archive/FAQ to file-archive/MAILLIST.FAQ, for easier identification (the FAQ files now sort to the top of the directory listing, and are named more intuitively)
November 30, 1996:
Added a webpage version of the Miyazaki/Takahata/Ghibli booklist to the Miyazaki page. Thanks go to Ryoko Toyama for compiling the information and Tyler King for his help converting the file to HTML.
November 25, 1996:
Updated the 4th prototype with a collage instead of just the picture of Miyazaki. There is a client-side image map that points to each of the films in the collage.
November 23, 1996:
Added 2 interviews to the Interviews page:
Miyazaki on On Your Mark
Miyazaki answers "Why are you obsessed with girls?"
Added last 3 articles to the Disney-Tokuma page.
November 17, 1996:
Added 4th prototype of the main webpage after receiving feedback about the 3rd. All of the prototypes can be browsed.
November 12, 1996:
Added 3rd prototype of the main webpage (style sheets) on the prototype page
November 9, 1996:
Tyler King reported new links to Mimi o Sumaseba on Yasuhide Mohri's page
Ryoko Toyama provided a translation of the Project Proposal for Mononoke Hime
Added link to Emily Parris' John Denver Internet Fan Club and lyrics to "Country Roads" from the Mimi o Sumaseba page
Added link to Chris Cepel's Nausicaä animations page from the Nausicaä film page
Fixed links from films page to the Mononoke Hime page
October 20, 1996:
Tyler King split up the takahata.articles file from the file archive into individual files in the Articles section.
Larry Virden split up the miyazaki.articles file from the file archive into individual files in the Articles section.
October 18, 1996:
Ryoko Toyama wrote a synopsis of Umi ga Kikoeru: Ai ga Arukara, the live action version.
Links to two more interviews were made from the interviews page.
There's now a 2nd prototype of the top-level webpage.
October 11, 1996:
Ryoko Toyama found a report about the Ghibli Art Exhibition
working on a prototype of the top-level webpage; comments welcome
October 7, 1996:
I need to figure out where to put a link to Mak Kum Shi's Ghibli song (lyrics) webpage. Suggestions?
found a link to a history of TEZUKA Osamu, by Brian Cirulnick, but don't know where to put it.
September 20, 1996:
working on prototypes of new film index and film information pages; comments welcome
September 4, 1996:
updated link to Ghibli, Miyazaki, Takahata Worldwide courtesy of Matthew Francis (thanks, Matt!).
added link to Hong Kong mirror of this website courtesy of Yat Siu (thanks, Yat!).
July 30, 1996: added information about the recent Disney-Tokuma deal
July 30, 1996: brightened the background picture
July 30, 1996: removed or summarized older entries in this list
July 30, 1996: fixed the link to FUKUMOTO-san's search engine
you can find a link to this on the NAUSICAA mailing list webpage
July 30, 1996: added links to Studio Ghibli interviews of Hisaishi and Ota
you can find these links on Miyazaki's Colleagues' pages
July 30, 1996: reorganized the Miyazaki pages
split information about his colleagues from the page about his works
moved the recent news page from the Miyazaki page to the top-level page
In April, 1996, improvements were made to the look-and-feel of the webpages:
Rachel Blackman provided a more-polished look in her prototype page
Michael S. Johnson replicated the template to a number of second-level pages
In March, 1996, Martin Opitz informed the list about the OFFICIAL Studio Ghibli homepage
To 1995's changes.

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