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What's New? -- 1997

Updates to the Miyazaki Web during 1997

End of December, 1997
Ryoko completely revised the soundtracks pages.
December 1, 1997
Revised the availability pages of Totoro, Kiki, Porco and Mimi.

November 29, 1997
Shun CHAN sent scans from "Return of Hans", the manga by Miyazaki.
November 27, 1997
Added some new pictures provided by Matt Francis to the Porco Rosso Image Archive.
November 25, 1997
Created the CD information pages for Totoro, Kiki, Porco, and Mimi.
November 22, 1997
Replaced some of the corrupted pictures in Porco Rosso Image Archive.
Antonio Usai sent the Italian Totoro script.
November 17, 1997
Revised the Laputa Availability Page.
Revised the Nausicaa CD Information Page.
Added new pictures of Porco Rosso to the Image-archive.
November 16, 1997
Moved the Miyazaki Mailing List mail archive to Nausicaa.Net, from TCP.COM.
November 15, 1997
Created the Laputa CD Information Page.
Revised the Nausicaa Availability Page to give it a new look.
November 4, 1997
Created the Nausicaa CD Information Page.
November 2, 1997
Created the Sherlock Hound (Meitantei Holmes) Page.
Created Impressions (Reviews and News Articles) Pages for Mimi, Pom Poko, and Grave.

October, 1997
Created the Lupin III Page.
Added new pictures to the image-archive of Totoro, Omohide Poroporo, Lupin, Holmes, Mononoke Hime, and others.
Revised the Nausicaa Manga page, including the Characters Page, and Nausicaa Around the World Page. The World page now features pictures of "Nausicaa" in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Italian.
October 22, 1997
Revised the Miyazaki, Takahata, Studio Ghibli FAQ
October 11, 1997
Created Ghibli 101 FAQ page and updated the Disney-Tokuma Deal FAQ page.
September, 1997
Many updates to Mononoke Hime pages.
Added new pictures to the image archives of Totoro, Pom Poko, Umi ga Kikoeru, and Kiki pages.
Created the Future Boy Conan page.
Revised the Studio Ghibli page.
Added articles to the impressions page of Kiki.
August 23-25, 1997:
Transplanted site from godai.maison-otaku.net to ohmu.nausicaa.net in preparation for going live with new Nausicaa.net hardware and network service.
I'm sure that errors and broken links remain. Please let us know if you find any problems with the site.
August 17, 1997:
Updated the availability page for Totoro.
August 9, 1997:
Updated Takahata, Oga, and Hisaishi pages. Accessible from the colleagues page.
July 27, 1997:
Replaced tv page and the rest of film front pages.
Ryoko TOYAMA sent an update for the availability page for On Your Mark.
July 25-26, 1997:
Replaced front page, film page, Miyazaki page and the front pages of many films with a new look.
Replaced the whole page set of Mononoke Hime as well.
July 14, 1997:
Added AX97 badge and poster pictures
July 3, 1997:
Added Anime Expo 1997 slides to the Disney-Tokuma FAQ page
April 29, 1997:
Marc Hairston sent in an update of his Mononoke Hime page
The scripts links for Kiki, Mimi wo Sumaseba and Ponpoko now work. Added link to Ghibli Book List on Features page under the Shopping Guide listing.
April 28, 1997:
Added Umi ga Kikoeru (1993) to the film timeline that links films from Nausicaa (1984) through Mononoke Hime (1997).
April 27, 1997:
There is now a Russian-language translation of the Ghibli FAQ at http://www.aha.ru/~laputa/ghiblifaq.htm
Put up information about our evacuation and relocation plans at http://www.tcp.com/miyazaki/evacuation.html
April 24, 1997:
Put up the new coverpage with news about our future move to a new site.
April 23, 1997:
We found out that TCP.COM, our host, is going offline on May 22nd, which gives us one month to evacuate.
April 22, 1997:
Added 15 pictures (2 production shots, 13 watercolor storyboards) from Ryoko TOYAMA to the On Your Mark images directory.
Added 9 pictures from Ryoko TOYAMA to the Mononoke Hime images directory.
Added 10 pictures from someone named "BR" from the "ftp.tcp.com/incoming" directory to the Kiki's Delivery Service images directory.
Added 4 pictures from Ryoko TOYAMA and from the "ftp.tcp.com/incoming" directory to the Mimi wo Sumaseba images directory.
Moved 5 "new/puss-in-boots/" pictures into the Horus - Prince of the Sun images directory.
Moved the 2 "new/puss-in-boots/" pictures to the Puss in Boots images directory.
April 21, 1997:
Changed the page background from the stucco wallpaper to a picture of Kiki with a Team Ghiblink logo
Added graphics from ftp.tcp.com/incoming to Mononoke Hime's image directory, Kiki's image directory, and Mimi's image directory
Installed Marc Hairston's revised Mononoke Hime page
Added the FAQ, credits, and story pages to the Mononoke Hime page.
Moved all Mononoke Hime images from the "new/mononoke-hime" directory to the film's Related Media page. Look for the link to the Images directory.
April 20, 1997:
Added FUKUMOTO Atsushi's Quicktime movie trailer (trailer3: 4,658 KB) to Mononoke Hime's Related Media page.
Access statistics are now updated daily and automatically at 11:55pm, Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8).
April 19, 1997:
Added Miyazaki and Itoi interview, Miyazaki discussion about Grave of the Fireflies, and updated Miyazaki's interviews about "why are you obsessed with girls?" to the Miyazaki Interviews page.
April 18, 1997:
Added a link to access statistics at the bottom of the main page. These stats are updated manually, so please don't expect them to be quite as up-to-date as they should be. Note also that the statistics do not go back any further than April 18th, 1997.
Miyazaki and Oshii interview about Patlabor 2 added to the Miyazaki Interviews page.
April 16, 1997:
Redirected all "Mail Us" buttons and <link rev="made" href="mailto:blah@blah"> tags to the Feedback page.
Total # of files affected: 215.
April 14, 1997:
Updated Team Ghiblink list
Updated Disney Deal FAQ with release dates for Laputa and Kiki.
Added scripts for Porco and Umi.
Added FAQ for Porco Rosso and On Your Mark.
Added Sylvain G.'s French Laputa script to the file archive and made it available from the Laputa scripts page.
April 13, 1997:
Converted Umi ga Kikoeru FAQ to HTML from plaintext.
Added film and goods availability pages for Nausicaä, Laputa, Kiki, Only Yesterday, Porco, Ponpoko, Mimi / Whisper, and On Your Mark.
April 12, 1997:
Installed film gallery pages (3 per page). See Films page for links to the 5 gallery pages.
Added page for Grave of the Fireflies, and integrated it into the timeline between Totoro and Kiki.
Added pictures for Umi ga Kikoeru, On Your Mark, and Sorairo no Tane.
April 11, 1997:
Updated appearance of the following webpages: Kiki, Only Yesterday, and Porco.
Added links from Matthew Francis' Links Page (with permission), to their appropriate film page.
March 23, 1997:
Updated addresses of Satya Palani and his Porco Rosso page
Compressed the Mononoke Hime QuickTime trailers by 20-30% (now ~1 MB smaller). Thanks go to Jorge Valinani for recommending this.
Added a Related Media page for Mononoke Hime.
March 18, 1997:
Added Press Conference Report to Mimi page.
March 17, 1997:
Ryoko-san provided us with an updated version of the Miyazaki FAQ.
Now there's a new web page version.
March 12, 1997:
Upgraded appearance of the Sora Iro no Tane, Nandaro, Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko, Mimi wo Sumaseba, On Your Mark, and Mononoke Hime pages.
There is yet work to do for the Kiki's Delivery Service, Omohide Poro Poro, and Porco Rosso pages.
There are also no Lupin III pages on this site.
March 9, 1997:
Added the Disney / Tokuma Deal page, which links to lots of information about the deal struck between Disney and Tokuma Shoten, about the worldwide distribution rights of Studio Ghibli's films. The FAQ was written by Ryoko Toyama, was converted to HTML by Jee Hoon Lee.
February 18, 1997:
Added 2 Preview clips to the Mononoke Hime page:
trailer.mov (Quicktime format) 2,457 KB
trailer2.mov (Quicktime format) 3,411 KB
February 3, 1997:
Added a link to the Shopping Guide and Soundtracks pages from the Features page.
February 1, 1997:
Added the interview "Miyazaki on the end of the Nausicaa manga" to the file archive.
January 19, 1997:
Fixed the soundtracks page by removing the <BASE HREF> tag and fixing the broken <A NAME> anchor that Jae Hyuk Lee pointed out in a recent mail on the Miyazaki mailing list.
January 8, 1997:
Added Greg Kaufman's Home Page to the Pages Featuring Miyazaki page.
Due to an upload error, this page was completely erased. This version is being reconstructed from memory, and may be incomplete.
January 1-6, 1997:
Replaced old film pages for Nausicaä, Laputa, and Totoro, with the file page prototypes. See what they look like now: Nausicaä | Laputa | Totoro,
Split the News page into one section per year: 1997 | 1996 | 1995.
Added a shopping page, which quotes a section of the Miyazaki FAQ.
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