December 2005

December 28, 2005 "Little Nemo" Released on R2 DVD
Ghibli World has details and background on the recent Japanese DVD release of "Little Nemo".

Miyazaki and Takahata started on the film but left before completion.

December 25, 2005 Newsbits from Japan
Free program streaming website "PC TV GyaO" is streaming Hisaishi's concert "Lovers of December" that was held at the Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall on
December 5:

How to see this program.
1. Click "PLAY"
2. Register with "date of birth", "e-mail address", and "occupation". Choose "agreement" (not necessary to choose it)

1.World Dream 2.American in Paris
4.Sweet Christmas
5.The Merry-go-round of Life '05

43 minutes
New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra

Ghibli museum announced that Miyazaki Hayao is preparing the related exhibition of the new short films which starts on January 3 in a gallery with museum staff every day. And announced that only "Hoshi wo Katta Hi" will be screened with Japanese
subtitle few times per a day for disabled person.

LAWSON Ghibli Museum website intoroduces new museum director Kiyofumi Nakajima.

At Heidi exhibition in the special gallery, Miyazaki draws many pictures himself and explains the process of work, and difficulties.

Buena Vista Japan Ghibli DVD English website online.

Can see the trailer of "Ningen wa Nani wo Tabetekitaka" DVD from the Ghibli Gakujutsu Library.
Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata deeply impressed in this NHK documentary. Each DVD has bonus feature of Miyazaki and Takahata talk.

7andY Ghibli website intoroduces the book "Oga Kazuo's Works 2"

Comparison of scenery in the Alsace region and Howl's Moving Castle.

Thanks to T. Ishikawa and Oliver "Wildthing" Ho for the news.

December 21, 2005 Updated: New Studio Ghibli Museum Film
Information about the new Miyazaki short film (in Japanese) starting at the Studio Ghibli Museum on January 3.

The story of Fuki, an energetic girl setting out on a trip to look for a new house. There's little dialog, and in an unusual twist all sound (music, sound effects, dialog) is expressed by people's voices. "House-hunting".

The story of "Mon-mon", a water spider who experiences love at first sight with a lovely water strider, who skitters freely over the surface of the water. "Mon-mon the water spider."

The story of a visionary world according to artist Naohisa Inoue's original work "Iblard". "The Day I Harvested a Star".

The Saturn Theatre, where Ghibli shorts are shown that can't be seen anywhere else.

One of the pleasures of the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka no mori is the Saturn Theatre, which shows short films that can't be seen anywhere else. Start from January 3 of next year, as a commemoration of the completion of the newest anime helmed by directory Miyazaki (?!), 3 short films will be shown rather than the usual one. Visitors will be able to choose which one of the three to see (until about March 13).

One of the highlights of the new works is the splendid voice casting. For "Hoshi wo katta hi" KAMIKI Ryuunosuke and SUZUKI Kyouko, for "Mon-mon the water spider" YANO Akiko, and for "Househunting" Ms. Yano again and TAMORI do the voice work, in a unique performance. A month's worth of museum entry tickets are currently on sale, so those with an interest should act quickly.

January 3, 2006 through March 13, 2006
(the schedule for after that period is planned to be announced on February 1)

Place: Mitaka no mori Ghibli museum, Saturn Theatre
Works shown: "House-hunting", "Mon-mon the water spider", "The Day I Harvested a Star".

During this time, each museum visitor can see only one of these films. The films will be shown in turn.

Thanks to T. Ishikawa for the news.

December 19, 2005 Details for R1 "Totoro" DVD (and a little UK news)
Daniel Zelter let us know that Disney has updated their site with the official listing for the upcoming DVD of My Neighbor Totoro.

Rich Salter wrote in to say that Optimum Releasing has opened a site dedicated to their series of Studio Ghibli releases:

December 15, 2005 "Howl" Nominated for Three Annie Awards
Howl's Moving Castle has been nominated in three award categories for the annual "Annie Awards" given out by ASIFA-Hollywood this coming February 4th. The three nominations are 1) Best Animated Feature (other nominees: Chicken Little, Corpse Bride, Madagascar, and Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit); 2) Best Directing in an Animated Feature: Miyazaki (other nominees: Mike Johnson and Tim Burton for Corpse Bride and Nick Park and Steve Box for Wallace and Gromit); and 3) Best Writing in an Animated Feature Production: Miyazaki, Don and Cindy Hewitt (other nominees: Steve Box, Nick Park, Bob Baker, and Mark Burton for Wallace and Gromit, Tony Leondis, Michael LaBash, and Tom Rogers for Kronk’s New Groove). A full list of the categories and nominees can be found here. In 2003 Spirited Away won all four Annie Awards it was nominated for: Best Feature, Best Director, Best Writing, and Best Music in an Animated Feature (Joe Hisaishi).

Thanks to Anime News Network for the news.

December 13, 2005 Updated: Next Studio Ghibli Film Announced
Doraneko posted the following to the MML:

Studio Ghibli has officially announced that their next feature film will be Gedo Senki (Gedo War History), directed by Hayao Miyazaki's son, Goro Miyazaki. The film will be an adaptation of Ursula K Le Guin's "A Wizard of Earthsea," and will be released in the Japanese theatres in July 2006.

The Studio's official site has also undergone a revamp. Details of the new film can be found there. There are also dedicated sections of production diary and director's diary. Goro Miyazaki has posted some comments on his father's opposition towards his work as a director.

Our Tales of Earthsea page is now up.

Ghibli World has a translation of a section of Goro's blog/diary with thoughts about his reason for directing and his father's reaction.

December 13, 2005 "Howl" Wins in New York
Howl's Moving Castle picked up the Best Animated Film award from the New York Film Critics Circle.

We'll be keeping track of the awards on this page.

December 11, 2005 Hisaishi Wins LA Film Critic Award
The Los Angeles Film Critics Association awarded its Best Musical Score award to Joe Hisaishi for "Howl's Moving Castle".

Thanks to guuchan for posting the news to the MML.

December 11, 2005 Updated: December News Bits
Howl's Moving Castle opened the Animated Image International Festival (Animadrid) in Madrid on November 25. The Spanish newspaper El Pais published an article. (Damian Vila)

Roberto Sommella has written a dissertation (in Italian) on Disney and Miyazaki titled "A Wonderland Spirited Away - Il mondo animato da Walt Disney a Hayao Miyazaki". The full paper requires a fee to read.

Simon Downes send word that Conan, The Boy in Future is curently airing on Animax in India dubbed in English. It's showing Monday to Friday from 1530-1600.

Ghibli World has some details on the Howl's Moving Castle DVD releases in Korean and Hong Kong.

The Norwegian Public Broadcasting plans to show Spirited Away on December 28. It will be shown on the channel NRK2 at 9:30 p.m. Thanks to Bjorn Grimsmo for the news.

December 9, 2005 Cover Art for March R1 DVD Releases
Ultimate Disney is showing the cover art for the three upcoming releases on March 7.

Thanks to William Raymer for posting the news to the MML.

December 8, 2005 Updated: Studio Ghibli Retrospective on UK TV
The FilmFour satellite TV channel in the UK is launching a major retrospective of the works of Miyazaki, Takahata, and Studio Ghibli throughout January and on into February.

The titles being screened in January are:

Jan 01 - Princess Mononoke
Jan 05 - Princess Mononoke
Jan 07 - The Little Norse Prince
Jan 08 - Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro
Jan 11 - The Little Norse Prince
Jan 12 - Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro
Jan 14 - Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind
Jan 15 - Pom Poko
Jan 18 - Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind
Jan 19 - Pom Poko
Jan 21 - Laputa: The Castle in the Sky
Jan 22 - Kiki's Delivery Service
Jan 25 - Laputa: The Castle in the Sky
Jan 26 - Kiki's Delivery Service
Jan 28 - Only Yesterday
Jan 29 - Porco Rosso

"Pom Poko" has taken the place of "My Neighbor Totoro".

Feb 1 - Only Yesterday
Feb 2 - Porco Rosso
Feb 4 - Princess Mononoke
Feb 4 - Grave of the Fireflies
Feb 5 - The Cat Returns
Feb 8 - Princess Mononoke
Feb 8 - Grave of the Fireflies
Feb 9 - The Cat Returns

Most of the films will be shown with their English dub.

Thanks to David Taylor TV & Satellite Week for the news.

December 5, 2005 Specs for R1 "Whisper" DVD
Disney has posted some details about the upcoming release (7 March 2006) of Whisper of the Heart.

The bonus features are similar to the previous releases:

* Behind The Microphone With Voice Talent From The Film Including Brittany Snow, Courtney Thorne-Smith, David Gallagher, and Cary Elwes
* Original Storyboards
* Trailers And TV Spots

The film is rated G.

Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the news.