[Mononoke] One MH showing in Vancouver

Thu, 4 Nov 1999 21:43:43 EST

From: RyoToyama@aol.com
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Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 21:43:43 EST
Subject: [Mononoke] One MH showing in Vancouver
To: mh-announce@nausicaa.net

The following is from Shun Chan;


I just called the business desk (tel number below) at Capitol 6,
a cinema at Vancouver, BC, for the showtime of Princess Mononoke.
The gentleman on the phone said that there will be one 7pm
showing today (Thur, Nov 4 1999), and there is no plan for future
showings yet (ie no Fri Nov 5 showing).

I also call the head office of Alliance Atlantis Cinema (604-734-8700)
and the lady said that no booking of PM has been done yet.

I checked today's Vancouver Sun (a local newspaper), and there is
no mentioning of PM in their Fri Nov 5 - Thur Nov 11 movie listing.

The info in http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/mh/release.html#Vancouver
may require some double-checking. Here are some more useful info
about Capitol 6:
  -tel number of business desk (604)669-6600
  -online map at (one line with no spaces)

I also find the following site to be useful for movie showtime
in some big cities in Canada
and for curious minds, here is the explanation of film classification
in Canada