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Mononoke Hime
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Buena Vista's 7/21 Press Release about the 8/29 video release

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Comments and speculation

On July 21st, Nausicaa.net received the following press release from Buena Vista about the August 29th release of Princess Mononoke on VHS (dub only, rental only). It also talks about the DVD, which now has an "unscheduled" release date. We strongly believe, but have not yet confirmed, that the DVD will be changed and released at an unspecified date in the future (hopefully later this year). We asked Buena Vista staff about the exact nature of the change in content, but they could not give any details to the public at this time. We suspect, but have not yet confirmed, that the DVD will be changed to include the original Japanese language dialogue and song lyrics, and also include English subtitles.

Nausicaa.net also suspects, but Buena Vista is understandably unwilling to publicly confirm, that our June 27 poll and DVDTalk's petition, collectively presenting what could be up to 6,000 unique signatures to Buena Vista, convinced them to delay the release of the English/French-only Mononoke DVD so that fans' wishes could be granted. Again, we wish to emphasize that this is only our best guess about the situation, but we certainly wish to thank those of you who responded to the poll, signed the petition, or better yet, wrote to Buena Vista with your request that the Mononoke DVD be subtitled. We could not have done it without your help!

The Press Release text

The press release, also available as a TIFF file (54KB), reads as follows (published with permission from Buena Vista Domestic Public Relations):


Contact: Willis Nalle
(818) 560-4062



Vocal Talents Gillian Anderson, Billy Crudup, Claire Danes, Minnie Driver, Billy Bob Thornton and Jada Pinkett Smith Star In Amazing Feature


Burbank, CA. - July 21, 2000 - PRINCESS MONONOKE, the magnificent adventure directed by Hayao Miyazaki, Japan's leading animator, is finally available to rent on VHS on August 29, 2000 from Miramax Home Entertainment. Truly an animated epic, the action-packed, breathtakingly beautiful film features stunning visuals, a riveting storyline and an all-star vocal cast. One of the top-grossing box office films ever in Japan, PRINCESS MONONOKE represents a milestone in animated feature films.

PRINCESS MONONOKE features an amazing vocal cast, each carefully chosen to lend their expert abilities to the English-language translation of this sweeping drama. Gillian Anderson ("The X Files"), Billy Crudup ("Without Limits"), Claire Danes ("Brokedown Palace," "Romeo + Juliet"), Minnie Driver ("Good Will Hunting"), Billy Bob Thornton ("Armageddon") and Jada Pinkett Smith ("Woo") are among the actors who add their talents to the film. A new screenplay adaptation, by Neil Gaiman and Jac Fletcher, allows English-speaking audiences to fully enjoy the themes and details in Hayao Miyazaki's masterwork.


Set in ancient Japan, PRINCESS MONONOKE tells the sweeping story of the clash between the mythic gods of the forest and the humans who encroach upon the forestland. Ashitaka (Billy Crudup) is a warrior who, in doing battle with a rampaging forest god, is inflicted with a life-threatening curse. Ashitaka travels to a far-away land to find a cure, but finds himself immmersed in the conflict between the forest gods and a village of iron miers, led by the relentless Lady Eboshi (Minnie Driver).

While the ironworkers ravage the forest, the forest gods' assaults are led by a human, the startling Princess Mononoke (Claire Danes), a young woman raised by wolves. As Ashitaka meets more players in the battle, including the majestic wolf god Moro (Gillian Anderson), the opportunistic Jigo (Billy Bob Thornton) and the friendly ironworker Toki (Jada Pinkett Smith), he finds that the conflict has many sides. The Great God of the Forest, a magical creature, gives power to the primal gods to protect their domain, yet saves the intruder Ashitaka's life. Lady Eboshi's ironworkers devastate large plots of land, yet she provides the workers with jobs and safe haven against other clans. As tensions mount, Ashitaka finds himself caught in the middle of a war that neither side can win.

PRINCESS MONONOKE is rated "PG-13" by the Motion Pictures Association of America, with a running time of approximately 133 minutes.

For review cassettes and artwork, please call: (818) 556-4561


# # #


The release date for the Princess Mononoke DVD
is now unscheduled.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment appreciates
your continued interest in our titles and will let
you know about the Princess Mononoke DVD
once we have further information.

End of press release text.

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