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Warning! Nausicaa manga plot spoilers ahead!

Nausicaa Manga Comparison

Animage vs. Collected Volumes

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by Scott Ryan (vorplesword at


As we have seen, Miyazaki took advantage of the time lag between the publishing of the episodes in Animage and the publication of the collected volumes to make superficial edits and add new ideas. However, it is clear that he was also revising on another level. In several cases, panels were redrawn for no other reason than pure aesthetics.
Sometimes it was a new angle to create a different emphasis on the characters...
Animage 1994/3, page 199
(original publication)
  Volume 7, page 218 (UP# 1055)
Animage 1994/3, page 199 Volume 7, page 218


Sometimes it was to emphasize a moment differently --changing the panel to Selm sending telepathy instead of Nausicaa receiving it, for instance...
Animage 1994/3, (volume 189), page 203
(original publication)
  Volume 7 - page 222 (UP# 1059)
Animage 1994/3, (volume 189), page 203 Volume 7 - page 222


Other times it was a changed perspective to evoke a different level of drama...
Animage 1982/7, page 186
(original publication)
  Volume 1, page 96 (UP# 88)
Animage 1982/7, page 186 Volume 1, page 96

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