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Nausicaa Manga
Universal Page Numbers

The Nausicaa saga is 1,060 pages long. Due to differences in page numbering between the many editions and publishers, pinpointing exact pages mentioned by others can sometimes be confusing. The charts listed below are intended to facilitate discussion by converting each edition's page numbers to universal page numbers (UP#).

NOTE: The page numbers listed in the charts are story only. Title pages, maps, fold out posters, inner cover narration, advertisements, etc. were not included.

If you have any corrections or additions for the charts, please contact Scott Ryan.

The charts are rather large (~250K) and may take a little while to appear.

Compiled by Scott Ryan with big help from Tom Wilkes, Martin Kaegi, Thierry Pialla, Jens Vogel, Ng Hun Yang, Stephen LAU, Felix Wong, Gianni "Dakkar" Ceccarelli, Julio Gea-Banacloche, Alvaro Suarez, and Jose Luis Blasco

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