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(Tales from Earthsea)

Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 38)

21st February 2006

Number 38 - The trailers unveiled

Well, as I wrote previously, from the 25th of February, the trailers for "Tales from Earthsea" will start showing in cinemas all around the country.

Normally, trailers for an upcoming feature are about 1 minute in length - compared to which this is a 3 minute "epic". The reason it became so long is that we wanted people to listen at length to the song it incorporates, "Therru's Song".

And the people who see the pictures in this trailer,
at the same time as they are moved in their heart by the song,
will probably be thinking something like this:
"It's the same Ghibli artwork" "It's just like a Miyazaki anime".

This past month or so, while mixing in the content of my work, I have been writing about what happened each day. From tomorrow I want to go back for a while to what I wrote at the start of this blog, and reveal more about "Why I ended up becoming the director", and beyond that, as someone working as an anime director, "What I think about my relationship with my father Hayao Miyazaki".

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