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(Tales from Earthsea)

Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 108)

23rd June 2006

Number 108 - My Nose is Sniffling

I have come down heavily with a cold.
Despite the season[1] my nose is sniffling.

From the start of this week, at the time we did the final mix, I have had a bit of a temperature. Since that time, I have not been able to recover.
Was the cause the air-conditioning? Or the stress? Or perhaps the weather? Or a combination of all those things?

Next week is the first preview and then the rush of interviews start again. I want to get over the cold this weekend, but the weather recently has been strangely cold and humid[2], so it doesn't look like I am going to be able to throw it off. I am waiting expectantly for the rainy season to hurry up and end.[3]

Translator's Notes

[1]: Summer in Japan (for Southern Hemisphere Types like myself)

[2]: Summer in Japan is usually hot and humid

[3]: Which it usually does by July

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