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Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 104)

19th June 2006

Number 104 - A Premonition of the End of the Festival

For three days starting today, we are at last on the final mix.
The feeling last Saturday, when we did a check before starting, was that because of the efforts of "Boo" Takagi, the thing was already in a high degree of completion, and we could finish the final mix without major problems.

When the final mix is over, the movie is effectively finished.
Even though this means that production is finished, at the moment rather than stress, I'm feeling a touch of loneliness, like "Oh, so it's all over now".

The faces of the many people, from the time the planning for this movie started to now, who were involved with this project float before my face. More than anything, the thought that we must now say goodbye, finally, to the characters that appear in the film, is a painful kind of feeling. The end of a film production is like the end of a festival somewhere, or the end of a school fete.

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