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·April 27, 2008  New Feed Links … [more]
·April 25, 2008  Initial "Howl's Moving Castle" Storyboards … [more]
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·April 21, 2008  Updated: More Hisaishi News, "Ponyo" Trailer Impressions … [more]
·April 18, 2008  Hisaishi News Roundup … [more]
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·April 14, 2008  Even More "Ponyo" News Bits … [more]
·April 11, 2008  Updated: "Ponyo" Release Date Confirmed … [more]
·April 9, 2008  "Ponyo" Production Update, "Little Nemo" Test … [more]
·April 7, 2008  Ghibli Asemamire 27 … [more]
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