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About Mirroring

Mission Statement
To make sure that the content of Nausicaa.net remains available even if Nausicaa.net's primary host becomes unavailable. Want to help? If so, contact us to let us know.

What is a mirror?
A mirror is an exact copy of data. A mirror of Nausicaa.net would therefore be a copy of the Nausicaa.net web site data, and behave exactly the same as Nausicaa.net, except that the domain name would be different. A Nausicaa.net mirror site would therefore be responsible for keeping an up-to-date copy of Nausicaa.net, and be able to take over for Nausicaa.net if the main site becomes unavailable.

What is required of a mirror site?
Disk space
~200 MB
(4,600+ files, 300+ directories)
Up to 3 GB per month. Tens of thousands of unique users per week.
Most files are static. ~5 files can change daily. Using 'rsync' or similar incremental backup tools can make it easy to stay up to date.
Mirrors of Nausicaa.net

www.Nausicaa.net (main site)
Owner: Rachel B. / Team Ghiblink.
Host: www.Noderunner.net
Location: Texas, U.S.A.
Backup method: Local RAID disk array.
Bandwidth: T3.
Availability: 24x7 since 1997/04/26.
Longest downtime: One month during 2001.
Recent downtime: Three weeks during 2002/09.

Owner: Patrick Bernier
Host: Thunder Zone
Location: Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.
Backup method: A daily 'rsync' cronjob.
Bandwidth: 100 Mb/s
Availability: 24x7 since 2001/02/14.
Longest downtime: Not updated for a year until 2002/Oct
Recent downtime: 3 days ending 2007/08/29.
Server co-location graciously provided by Noderunner.net.