Yoichi Kotabe: Legendary Animator - His Animated Drawings

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Yoichi Kotabe
Legendary Animator - His Animated Drawings
Kotabe Youichi animation Japan cover.jpg
Front Cover
Author Editor: Takashi Namiki
Original title (if not in English) 小田部羊一
(Kotabe Youichi
Animeeshon Gashuu)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Anido Film
Released 1st ed: August 2008
Pages 299
Size and weight A4 Wide Hardcover
ISBN -10: 4-93-854334-6
-13: 978-4-938543-34-1

Original Price: ¥14,700 (tax included)

Notes: Wide hardcover edition with special acrylic resin case. In Japanese, but with some English-language sections:

  • Introduction by Kotabe
  • Foreword - "Our fellow, Yoichi Kotabe" by Isao Takahata
  • Titles of his works
  • Biographical notes

Cover with obi
Cover with obi