Whisper of the Heart (UK DVD)

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Original price: £19.99

Whisper of the Heart
Whisper r2 dvd uk optimum.JPG
Original title 耳をすませば
(Mimi o Sumaseba)
Media type DVD
Aspect Ratio  Anamorphic Widescreen
Region 2
Country United Kingdom
Language(s) Japanese and English (DD 5.1)
Subtitle(s) English
Publisher Optimum
Released 10 April 2006
Video format PAL
# of Discs 1
Runtime 111 minutes
Catalog # OPTD0305

Special features:

  • Original Trailers
  • Complete Feature Length Storyboards (Alternative Angle)
  • Background artwork from "The Baron's Story"
  • Howl's Moving Castle Trailer
  • Studio Ghibli Trailer Reel