Whisper of the Heart (Japanese (Buena Vista) VHS)

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Whisper of the Heart
Mimi VHS Japan BVHE.jpg
Original title 耳をすませば
Mimi o Sumaseba
Media type VHS
Aspect Ratio  Letterboxed widescreen 1.85
Country Japan
Language(s) Japanese (Stereo HiFi)
Publisher Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Japan)
Released 25 July 1997
Video format NTSC
Runtime 111 minutes
Catalog # VWSZ-8004

Price: ¥4500

Note: Includes a 2 minute 32 second Princess Mononoke movie trailer, and art work by Naohisa Inoue, the artist who painted the background pictures in the "fantasy scenes" with Shizuku and the Baron. Hi-Vision Telecine, Digital New Master.