Which? Which? Song (CD Single)

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Which? Which? Song
Doredore CD Japan Single.jpg
CD Maxi Single Cover
Original title どれどれの唄
(Doredore no Uta)
Composer Meiko Haigou
Performer Meiko Haigou
Media type Mini CD
Country Japan
Publisher Yamaha Music Communications
Released 6 July 2005
Catalog # YCCW30002
# of Discs 1
# of Tracks 4
Runtime 6+10

Price: ¥ 700 (tax included)

Track Title/[English translation] Notes Time
1 どれどれの唄
Doredore no Uta
[Which? Which? Song]
2 どれどれの唄(おけいこ用)
Doredore no Uta (okeiko you)
[Which? Which? Song]
Practice use 2+45
3 どれどれの唄(CMバージョン)
Doredore no Uta (CM baajon)
[Which? Which? Song]
CM version 0+20
4 どれどれの唄(CMバージョンおけいこ用)
Doredore no Uta (CM baajon okeiko you)
[Which? Which? Song]
CM version practice use 0+20