Vol.6 - Turn in the Multi-Gun Tower, A (Japanese Soundtrack)

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Original Price: ¥2136
Reissue Price: ¥2200

Synopsis: A pig creates a huge tank and kidnaps a girl. Her boyfriend comes after them, and he and the girl finally destroy the tank.

Vol. VI
A Turn in the Multi-Gun Tower
Zassou Note CD 6.jpg
1996 Original CD Cover
Original title 多砲塔の出番
(Tahoutou no Deban)
Performer Kaori Momoi (桃井かおり)
Takumi Kamiyama (神山卓三)
Media type CD
Country Japan
Series Hayao Miyazaki's
Daydream Data Notes
Publisher Tokuma Japan Communications
Released 22 July 1996
4 July 2007
Catalog # 1996 Issue: TKCA-70906
2007 Issue: TKCA-73205
# of Discs 1
# of Tracks 4
Runtime 0+45

Track Title/[English translation] Notes Time
1 前枠 (?)
2 多砲塔の出番・前編*ドラマ (Tahoutou no Deban - Zenben * Dorama)
[A Turn in the Multi-Gun Tower - First Part * Drama]
3 多砲塔の出番・後編*ドラマ (Tahoutou no Deban - Kouhen * Dorama)
[A Turn in the Multi-Gun Tower - Last Part * Drama]
4 後枠 (?)