Vol.10 - Q Ship / The Eyes of a Farmer (Japanese Soundtrack)

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Original Price: ¥2136
Reissue Price: ¥2200

Synopsis: Two short stories - The first is a story about a "Q Ship" during World War I. A "Q Ship" was an English battleship which disguised itself as a civilian ship by putting sails on its radio mast in order to lure German U-boats, who were fooled into trying to take it as an easy target.

The second, based on Andre Malreaux's semi-autobiographical novel L'Espoir, is a story about a farmer who finds an enemy base during the Spanish Civil War.

Vol. X
Q Ship / The Eyes of a Farmer
Zassou Note CD 10-2007.jpg
2007 Reissue CD Cover
Original title Q Ship / 農夫の眼
(Q Ship / Noufu no Me)
Performer Takashi Matsuo (松尾貴史)
Hideo Amaoro (天本英世)
Takumi Kamiyama (神山卓三)
Media type CD
Country Japan
Series Hayao Miyazaki's
Daydream Data Notes
Publisher Tokuma Japan Communications
Released 21 September 1996
4 July 2007
Catalog # 1996 Issue: TKCA-70910
2007 Issue: TKCA-73209
# of Discs 1
# of Tracks 5
Runtime 0+50

Track Title/[English translation] Notes Time
1 前枠 (?)
2 Q Ship*ドラマ (Q Ship * Dorama)
[Q Ship * Drama]
3 中枠 (?)
4 農夫の眼*ドラマ (Noufu no Me * Dorama)
[The Eyes of a Farmer * Drama]
5 後枠 (?)

1996 Original Cover
1996 Original Cover