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Hi! My name is Ben I'm 29 and born and living in Munich, Germany.

How i became addicted to Anime!
Many years ago i met an Anime fan somewhere on the internet. He told me about Anime and suggested that I should watch Neon Genesis Evangelion which was aired during that time on a local tv channel. I really liked it and we talked nearly every day about. Some month later we decided to attend the AniMagic in 2001 - a local anime convention in Germany. I bought a special package which also includes cinema tickets for up to three movies we were free to choose. I can't remember the first two movies but i still know that on the last day the best choice was "Prinzessin Mononoke". We didn't anticipate anything nice because of "Princess" in the title (personally i thought it was a girls movie). Because it was cold and rainy that day and because we didn't know what to do else we went to the cinema - 20 minutes late. I didn't got ay seat so i had to stand but after i saw five minutes of it i really didn't care about. I was standing the rest of "Princess Mononoke" and since then i became totally addicted to Hayao Miyazakis work. After i got back home i stressed Google to find more movies like the one i've seen. I was excessively collecting every official Studio Ghibli product i could buy in mint or at least good quality. Today i own a small but (i guess) nice collection of dvds, books and figurines.

Why Miyazaki? His stories but also his drawing style perfectly fits my feelings. Regardless of which of his movies I'm watching i always feel kinda like happy, heart-touched and somehow satisfied. It's like meeting "the one". I prefer animals and nature over the human being - that may be one reason :)

Nausicaä, Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle/The Cat Returns/Kiki's Delivery Service

I'm most proud of: