My Neighbor Totoro

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Title totoro.png
Feature Film: 16 April 1988 / 86 minutes
Director, Screenplay, Storyboards: Hayao Miyazaki

Totoro thanks Mei and Satsuki for the umbrella
Totoro thanks Mei and Satsuki
for the umbrella
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My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ Tonari no Totoro?) is one of Miyazaki's best-loved films. Totoro is a forest spirit that little Mei, and later her older sister Satsuki, encounter in a giant camphor tree near their new home in the countryside. Although their father, a university professor, is with them when they move, their mother is in the hospital, recovering from some unnamed illness. When Mei hears that her mother's condition may be worsening, she resolves to visit her all by herself. When everyone realizes she's missing, only Totoro knows how to find her!