Tokuma Anime Picture Book: Only Yesterday

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Tokuma Anime Picture Book 9
Only Yesterday
OPP Ehon9 Japan cover.jpg
Cover art
Author Hotaru Okamoto
Yuuko Tone
Original title (if not in English) 徳間アニメ絵本9
(Tokuma Anime Ehon 9
Omohide Poroporo)
Illustrator Direction: Isao Takahata
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Series Tokuma Anime Picture Book
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Released October 1991
June 2001
Media type Tankoubon
Pages 109
Size and weight AB Wide Han Hardcover
ISBN -10: 4-19-364673-4
-13: 978-4193646733

Re-issue Price: ¥ 1680 (tax included)

Notes: Hard cover with storybook-style text accompanying frames from the movie. Pictures are fairly large and nice to look at.