This is Animation: The Cat Returns

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This is Animation
The Cat Returns
Neko ThisIsAnimation Japan cover.jpg
Front Cover
Original title (if not in English) ジス・イズ・アニメーション
(Jisu Izu Animeeshon
Neko no Ongaeshi)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Series This is Animation
Publisher Shogakukan
Released August 2002
Pages 48
Size and weight AB
ISBN -10: 4-09-101567-0
-13: 978-4-09-101567-9

Original Price: ¥950 (tax included)

Notes: All color with a lot of pictures, this "Mook" (movie book) tells the story of The Cat Returns. The font is big and the kanji have furigana, so it is relatively easy to read.