The Story of Yanagawa's Canals (Japan DVD)

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The Story of Yanagawa's Canals
Yanagawa DVD Japan Cover.jpg
DVD case cover (without obi)
Original title 柳川堀割物語
(Yanagawa Horiwari Monogatari)
Media type DVD
Aspect Ratio  4:3
Region 2
Country Japan
Language(s) Japanese (DD1), English (DD1)
Subtitle(s) Japanese, English
Series Ghibli Gakujitsu Library
Publisher Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Released 5 December 2003
Video format 480i
# of Discs 1 - DVD9
Runtime 167 minutes
Catalog # VWDZ8518

Original Price: ¥3800 (including tax)

Notes: Single-disc release, with Japanese and English audio plus Japanese and English subtitles. Includes new footage. The 167-minute running time is divided into 12 parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Channels of Life - A Sketch of the Waterways
  3. Using Water, Boats and Moats - Features and Uses of the Canal Network
  4. Three Years to Take Yanagawa, Three Months to Take Higo - The Structure of Waterway Networks
  5. (Fukuoka Prefecture) Regulations on Drinking Water - When the Water was Pure
  6. Reshaping Japan - Waterways Ruined
  7. The Plain Made by the Ocean - Origin of the Waterways
  8. Reserving the Water - The Water System Completed
  9. A Drop of Water, A Drop of Blood - A Battle for Water
  10. Direct Appeal, Drastic Measures - Restoring the Canals
  11. Living with Nature - Draining the Canals
  12. Residents and Self-Government - Reviving the Canals

Also included:

  • 20-minute conversation about Yanagawa between Yanagawa Canals director-writer Isao Takahata and Norio Akasaka (赤坂憲雄 Akasaka Norio?), author and professor at the Tohoku University of Art and Design, as well as Director of the Tohoku Culture Research Center at the university. (In Japanese only, no subtitles)
  • 22-minute mini-documentary, assembled using footage from the Yanagawa Canals documentary, about the 沖端水天宮祭 (Okinohata Suitenguu Matsuri?) (festival) that takes place every May in Okinohata and Yanagawa to celebrate the canals. (In Japanese only, no subtitles)
  • DVD trailers for:
    • Five-part NHK documentary 堀田善衛 時代と人間 (Hotta Yoshie - Jidai to Ningen Yoshie Hotta - The Times and the People?)
    • Michel Ocelot's 1998 film Kirikou and the Sorceress
    • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
    • Eight-part NHK documentary 人間は何を食べてきたか (Ningen wa Nani o Tabetekita ka What Do People Eat??)