The Ghibli set

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the Ghibli set
The Ghibli set CD.jpg
Original title the ジブリ set
Composer Joe Hisaishi
Media type CD
Country Japan
Publisher urban sound project
Released 2 July 2008
Catalog # XNAE-10016
# of Discs 1
# of Tracks 12
Runtime 63:47

Track Title/[English translation] Origin Time
1 君をのせて feat. 麻衣
Kaze no Tani no Naushika
[Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind]
Laputa: Castle in the Sky 6:04
2 あの夏へ
Ano Natsu he
[One Summer Day]
Spirited Away 6:32
3 風のとおり道
Kaze no Toorimichi
[The Path of Wind]
My Neighbor Totoro 5:49
4 The Rose feat. Lori Fine (COLDFEET) Only Yesterday 6:23
5 海の見える街
Umi no Mieru Machi
[A Town with an Ocean View]
Kiki's Delivery Service 4:34
6 人生のメリーゴーランド
Jinsei no Merry-go-round
[The Merry-go-round of Life]
Howl's Moving Castle 5:44
7 ナウシカ・レクイエム
Naushika · Rekuiemu
[Nausicaä · Requiem]
Nausicaä 1:09
8 ナウシカ・レクイエム
Ohmu to no Kouryuu
[Interchange with the Ohmu]
Nausicaä 5:47
9 もののけ姫
Mononoke Hime
[Princess Mononoke]
Princess Mononoke 5:17
10 いつも何度でも feat. Chieko Kinbara
Itsumo Nando Demo
[Always With Me feat. Chieko Kinbara]
Spirited Away 5:10
11 Take Me Home Country Roads feat. arvin homa aya Whisper of the Heart 6:03
12 となりのトトロ
Tonari no Totoro
[My Neighbor Totoro]
My Neighbor Totoro 5:13

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