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Walking over to Yuki, he handed her a box containing fish cookies. He told Yuki that he had returned to her old home in search of the box she had lost years ago. He asked Yuki to accept it as a gift of their living together from then on, to which Yuki of course agreed.

The king applauded, obviously happy for his son. He had not forgotten Haru, however, and told her that she must be disappointed, so he decided that she marry him instead. Haru got all mad and called him a pervert. Of course she would not marry him.

Cat Meeting

Muta, a spectator until then, laughed and walked up to her, saying that he liked a woman with a mind of her own and decided to help Haru. Turning to the king and his men, he challenged them to take on Renaldo Moon.

Natori perked up at the name. He reminded the other cats of the most notorious cat in the kingdom's history, Renaldo Moon, who ate all the fish in the kingdom's lake. Muta grinned and threatened to eat the entire kingdom this time and roared, scaring all the soldiers.

Haru was more concerned with how to get home, since the tower had collapsed. Lune was less pessimistic; just because the tower had collapsed does not mean the tower was no longer connected to the other world. Looking up, it was clear that sunrise was breaking soon. In a sweeping motion, Muta grabbed Haru and threw her several stories up, then ran after her together with the Baron. The king decided to climb up the tower from outside, a reckless act in Lune's opinion.

Falling Down

The Baron was stopped by the king who had by then reached his level, challenging him to a duel. Telling Muta to go ahead, he took the sword thrown by the king and stepped outside.

Taking up their positions, the king made his first attack and rushed towards the Baron in a stabbing motion. The swords clashed as the Baron jumped over the king. Nothing seemingly happened, then the king's jewel on his forehead cracked and shattered, causing half his fur to drop off. The king admitted his loss. He had heard of the famous cat figurine who only stood at a store window but did not know that he was that good. He invited the Baron over to his side but the Baron rejected his offer, stating his content with his current life.

A scream pierced through the air. Unfortunately for Haru, the exit had led her to nowhere in the sky. The king simply snickered as he sat down. He did not do anything, he claimed, nor did he need to. With the tower's collapse, it was not surprising that the exit moved elsewhere too. The Baron immediately picked up his clothes and ran after Haru.

Haru, who had by then changed back into a human, was falling off the small tower, prevented from falling only by Muta. Even so, he found her too heavy despite his strength and, unable to hold on onto the tower himself, dropped together with Haru still holding on.


Swooping down after the duo, the Baron caught up quickly after them. He got Haru to relax and open herself up in a horizontal position to slow herself down. The sun had only just risen to the left of them; they were free.

Still, they were going down too fast, and only Toto and friends could help them by creating a staircase all the way down to Haru's school. The cats, who were watching all this while via a glass ball, broke out in joy. Meanwhile, Natori had just found the king. The king had decided that he was too old to be king anymore and had decided to step down, a decision Natori decides to follow too.

Back on solid ground, Haru heaved a sigh of relief, and although it was such an ordeal, it was nonetheless exciting. It was time for everyone to return, said the Baron. Haru asked if they really had to go. One more thing left to do, said Toto, and carrying Muta in his claws, flew off.

Baron Leaves

Alone with the Baron at last, Haru confessed that she might have a crush on him. The Baron simply nodded and appreciated her sincerity. He told her that anytime she needed help, the Cat's Business Office will always be open to her. But until then, she will always be remembered by him. In an acrobatic move, he jumped off the roof and onto Toto as he zoomed past the roof. Haru shouted her thanks as Toto, the Baron and Muta flew off into the horizon.

An alarm bell rang the next morning, and we see Haru's mom turning it off and turning over into a more comfortable position. Then, realising that she has work to do, promptly got up.

New Hairdo

Fixing her hair as she walked to the kitchen, she looked up, paused, then recoiled in shock. Sitting in the kitchen, reading the newspaper, was, of all people, Haru. Haru seldom woke up earlier, and on a weekend too. Haru reminded her mom that she was going out with Hiromi later. She had made her some salad and tea too. Oh, and it was her 'special blend', so it would taste different each time. Winking, she left her mother in the kitchen to judge the tea for herself.

Fat Cat

Out in the streets later, Hiromi told her that she had just found out that Machida had broken up with his girlfriend. She expected Haru to be all excited and jumpy, but Haru gave a couldn't-care-less attitude instead. Haru simply waved aside Hiromi's worries and continued walking. As they walked, they passed by Muta who glanced at the girls, yawned and walked off.

The End

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