Studio Ghibli Storyboards Collection Second Stage: Sherlock Hound 2

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Studio Ghibli Storyboards Collection 2nd Stage
Sherlock Hound
Treasure Under the Sea
The Air Battle Over Dover!
The Targeted Giant Coin Bank
Holmes Ekonte SecondStage Japan TV2 cover.jpg
Front cover
Author RAI, TMS Entertainment
Storyboards, Direction:
Hayao Miyazaki
Original title (if not in English) スタジオジブリ絵コンテ全集第II期
(Sutajio Jiburi Ekonte Zenshuu Dainiki
Meitantei Hoomusu
Kaitei no Zaihou
Doobaa Kaikyou no Oozora Chuusen!
Nerawareta Kyodai Chokinbako)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Series Studio Ghibli Storyboards Collection Second Stage
Publisher Studio Ghibli
Released 26 June 2003
Media type Tankoubon
Pages 292
Size and weight A5 softcover with slipcase
ISBN -10: 4-19-861680-9
-13: 978-4-19-861680-9

Original Price: ¥2940 (tax included)

Note: Complete storyboards for the 1981 episodes Treasure Under the Sea, The Air Battle of Dover! and The Targeted Giant Coin Bank with shooting comments from the director. Treasure Under the Sea was later included in the 1984 movie.

Slipcase cover
Slipcase cover