Spirited Away (Roman Album)

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Spirited Away Roman Album
Sen roman.jpg
Original title (if not in English) Roman Arubamu Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Released 2 August 2001
ISBN 4-19-720169-9

Original Price: JPY1280


The general contents seem similar to what is described for the Roman Albums of MH, Nausicaa, etc... The "film story" is broken up into three parts, at the beginning & end and in between the two other sections of the book:

Inside of Chihiro: "Keyword dictionary[jiten] & Book Guide", character sketches and a nice map of the yuya building, "Layout & original picture[genga] selection", and staff interviews including a "Special Interview" with Miyazaki. Various other information about the production as well.

Outside of Chihiro: Two more articles: "Miyazaki anime ni 'gochis�sama'", which seems to discuss various common themes in Miyazaki's films (I think...) and "Chihiro o sagashite~iky� o mekuru tabi~", about real places and things that inspired the settings, etc. in the film.

Notes courtesy of Brion Vibber.