Spirited Away (Preview 3 Summary)

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© 2001 by Studio Ghibli
Translated without permission for personal entertainment purpose only. This is not, by any means, an accurate word for word translation, and the translator is solely responsible for any mistranslation or misunderstanding.

Note: The text that appears on-screen during the preview is shown in yellow type.

Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi

The Spiriting Away of Sen and Chihiro
("Spirited Away")

Jinbutsu shoukai hen

Characters introduction version

Ongaku - Jo HISAISHI


7-gatsu Touhou yougakei road show

(To be released in) July, at theaters of the Touhou Western chain

The Ogino family car travels down a dirt road.

Chihiro: "Father, are we going to be OK?"

Chihiro - Rumi HIIRAGI
Otou-san - Takashi NAITOU


Okaa-san - Yasuko SAWAGUCHI

(Voice actors)

Chihiro is standing outside of the red building with her parents.

Father: "Trust me. This car is 4-wheel drive."

Mother: "Chihiro, sit down."

Father: "A tunnel!"

Tunnel no mukou wa fushigi no machi deshita

On the other side of the tunnel was a town of mystery.

A long-haired boy advances angrily across a bridge towards Chihiro.

Haku: "You shouldn't come here! Go back, right now!"

Haku - Miyu IRINO

(Voice actor)

Chihiro: "What?"

Chihiro runs out of a pigsty.

Chihiro: "Ahh!!"

Chihiro speaks with a large-headed woman in an opulent office.

Chihiro: "Please let me work here!"

Yu-baaba - Mari NATSUKI

(Voice actor)

Yu-baaba: (screaming) "Shuuut uuup!!"

Chihiro helps the tiny Susuwatari (the same creatures as dustbunnies in My Neighbor Totoro) carry coal, while a many-limbed person with a large mustache tends to the boiler.

Kamajii - Bunta SUGAWARA

(Voice actor)

A tall, long-haired girl works together with Chihiro, then offers some advice.

Rin: "Keep on your toes! Ask me about things you don't understand, OK?"

Chihiro: "OK."

Rin - Yuumi TAMAI

(Voice actor)

Chihiro pours out some bath water.

Chichiyaku - Tsunehiko KAMIJO
Aniyaku - Takehiko ONO
Aogaeru - Tatsuya GASHUUIN
Bou - Ryuunosuke KAMIKI

(Voice actor)

While pouring the water, Chihiro sees a ghostly black-shrouded figure with a white mask standing outside in the rain.

Chihiro: "Umm... aren't you wet there?"

Chihiro Genki de ne. Mata aou ne. Risa

Chihiro, take care. Let's get together again, OK? Risa
(writing on card)

Chihiro sits with Haku while reading the card.

Chihiro: "'Chihiro'... that's my name...?"

Haku: (nodding) "Yu-baaba controls everyone by taking away our names."

Some Susuwatari pop up around Chihiro's feet.

Tokubetsu shuttsuen - Susuwatari

Special appearance

The mysterious black-shrouded figure offers something to Chihiro.

Kamen no otoko - Kaonashi

The masked man (Faceless)

An enormous baby is crying; Chihiro waves from a doorway.

Narrator: (reading the title) "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi"

Gensaku, Kyakuhon, Kantoku - Hayao MIYAZAKI

Original Story, Script, Director

Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi

Kamajii makes a "thumbs-up" gesture.

Kamajii: (in English) "Good luck!"