Spirited Away (German DVD - Special Edition)

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Spirited Away
Sen dvd german se.jpg
Original title Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland - Spezial Edition
[Chihiro's Travel in Wonderland - Special Edition]
Media type DVD
Region 2
Country Germany
Language(s) German, English, and Japanese audio (all DD 5.1)
Subtitle(s) English
German dubtitles
German for the hard of hearing
Publisher Universum Film
Released 26 January 2004
Video format PAL
# of Discs 2
Runtime 120 minutes (Disc 1)
95 minutes (Disc 2)
Catalog # 82876 55918 9

Original price: EUR23


Extras include:

  • "making of" documentary (German subs)
  • German dubbing documentary
  • a press conference with Miyazaki (German subs)
  • a text Miyazaki biography.