Spirited Away (French DVD - Standard Edition)

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Spirited Away
Sen r2 fr se.jpg
Original title Le Voyage de Chihiro
[The Voyage of Chihiro]
Media type DVD
Region 1
Country France
Language(s) French (DTS and DD 5.1)
Japanese DD 5.1
English DD2.0
Subtitle(s) French
English (dubtitles)
Publisher Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Released 26 November 2002
Video format PAL
# of Discs 2
Runtime 124 minutes
Catalog # B00006L99L (ASIN)

Original price: EUR26.99

This DVD was also later available as part of a 2-pack with Princess Mononoke : (Spirited Away (French DVD - Princess Mononoke Dual Pack))