Seashores of Jipangu: The Natural History of Iblard III

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Seashores of Jipangu
The Natural History of Iblard III
Iblard Jipangu Book Cover.jpg
Dust Jacket
Author Naohisa Inoue
Original title (if not in English) ジパングの岸辺
(Jipangu no Kishibe
Ibaraado Hakubutsushi III)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Kakuusha
Released November 1999 (First press)
Pages 120
Size and weight 20x23cm 550g
ISBN 4-87752-120-2 C8798

1999 Price: ¥3100 (plus tax)
2009 Price: ¥3300

Note: Art book by Naohisa Inoue, the artist who painted the backgrounds in the fantasy portions of Whisper of the Heart. It is a beautiful book, containing 144 color illustrations created during the years 1994 to 1999.