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From the Princess Mononoke press kit

Ashitaka Voice: MATSUDA Youji

Mh characters ashitaka.jpg

He is one of the few young men of Emishi people, who had been defeated by Yamato regime (the Japanese Emperor's government) and now live in hiding at the end of the Northern land. He is to be the leader of his people. He has the nobleness of Royal blood and great skills as a hunter. To defend his village, he shot and killed the Tatari God, but in turn, he received a curse of death. He talks little, but has a strong sense of justice.

San Voice: ISHIDA Yuriko

Mh characters san.jpg

A girl who was raised by a mountain wolf. She has an intense hatred against humans who invade the forest. With a strange mask on her face, and riding a huge mountain wolf, she repeatedly attacks Tatara Ba (the iron making place). After meeting Ashitaka, her heart sways between the Gods and humans.

Eboshi Gozen (Lady Eboshi) - Voice: TANAKA Yuuko

Mh characters eboshi.jpg

A calm and well-composed woman who leads the group of Tatara Mono (iron making people) at the foot of a deep mountain. They dig the mountain, melt iron sand, strike iron, and make Ishibiya (Stone fire arrow - the gun-like thing in the preview). She buys girls who were sold (to brothels), and gives them work at Tatara Ba, where no woman was allowed originally. She treats even outcasts from the society as "humans", and is respected and loved by both men and women.

Gonza Voice: KAMIJOU Tsunehiko

Mh characters gonza.jpg

One of Eboshi's men, and the leader. He is overbearing and quick to anger, and he suspects Ashitaka is a spy. But he thinks of himself as a serious guy. Some say that he is in love with Eboshi.

Jiko Bou (Monk Jiko) - Voice: KOBAYASHI Kaoru

Mh characters jigo.jpg

A member of a mysterious organization, Shishou Ren (the masters' coalition?). Under orders from the organization, he is trying to get the head of the Shishi God, which is said to have the power of eternal youth. He is also the head of Ishibiya people, and mobilizes hunters and Zibashiri ("those who run on the ground"). He is the one who told Ashitaka about the forest of the Shishi God.

Hii-Sama Voice: MORI Mitsuko

Mh characters hii-sama.jpg

An old medium of the hidden village of Emishi. She tells good or ill fortune by arranging stone and wooden pieces. She told the fortune of Ashitaka who was under the curse of death, and told him to head for the west.

Toki Voice: SHIMAMOTO Sumi

Mh characters toki.jpg

One of the women who push foot bellows, and acts as their leader. She is a frank and spirited woman, and can even talk Gonza down. She also gives sharp words to her husband, Kouroku, but this is probably out of love.

Kouroku Voice: NISHIMURA Masahiko

Mh characters kouroku.jpg

Toki's husband and one of those who are in charge of transportation. He was attacked by Inugami (Wolf God) while he was transporting rice during a heavy rain, and fell into the valley with Kakigoromo no Yahichi (another traveler). He was rescued by Ashitaka. He is dominated by Toki since he is totally in love with her, but he is a man you can not dislike.

Moro no Kimi Voice: MIWA Akihiro

Mh characters moro.jpg

A 300 year old female Wolf God. She understands human language, and has high intelligence and strong power. She raised San, and treats her as her daughter. She hates humans who invade the forest of the Shishi God, and is fighting against them. She especially hates Eboshi Gozen, and wants to kill her.

Okkotonushi Voice: MORISHIGE Hisaya

Mh characters otsukoto.jpg

Inoshishi Gami (Boar God) from Chinzai (Kyuusyu), who can understand human language. He is 500 years old and the oldest of the Boar Gods. Leading other Boar Gods, he commands the big offensive against humans. He is in conflict with the Wolf God Moro's family, but it has not escalated to the point of fighting.

Kodama (means 'echo', or 'the spirit of trees')

Mh characters kodama.jpg

They are a kind of spirits, and live in the rich forest. They have pale green, half transparent bodies. They showed a way to Ashitaka and others who lost their way in the forest. It seems that they don't particularly have any ill feeling against humans.

Shishi Gami (Shishi God)  

Mh characters shishi.jpg

A God animal who conducts the giving and taking of a life. It is born during the new moon, and repeats its birth and death according to the phase of the moon. It is believed that its head has the power of eternal youth, so humans are trying to get it.


Mh characters didara.jpg

A giant whose height exceeds 10 meters. It's the shape the Shishi God takes during the night. It has a half transparent body with peculiar patterns. It wanders around the forest with blue light radiating from its body.

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