Princess Mononoke (additional characters)

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Kaya Voice: ISHIDA Yuriko

Mh characters kaya.jpg

A girl from Ashitaka's village. She loves Ashitaka (she called him "Anisama" (older brother), but she is not his blood sister), and gave him a knife made of obsidian when he left the village because of his curse. It is a symbol of her eternal love.

Tatari Gami (Curse God) - Voice: SATO Mitsuru

Mh characters tatarigami.jpg

A "Monster" which attacked Ashitaka's village. Ashitaka shot and killed it, but received a curse on his right arm in return. It was actually a Boar God, Nago no Kami (Lord Nago), who used to live in the forest of the Shishi God. Nago had been shot by Eboshi's men, and the pain, anger and hatred toward humans changed it into Tatari God.

Yakkul (Yakkle)  

Mh characters yakkle.jpg

Ashitaka's mount and his loyal friend. It is the only one who accompanied Ashitaka from his village. Yakkul is a fictional animal created by Miyazaki, based on a yak. Its species is called "Akashishi" ("red deer"). A similar animal appears in Miyazaki's manga, "Shuna's Journey".


Mh characters shoujou.jpg

"Shoujou" is a legendary animal in China, and is said to have red fur and love to drink. The legend probably comes from the orangutan, but Shoujous in Mononoke Hime look more like gorillas. In the movie, Shoujous plant trees to replenish the Shishi God's forest which has been cut down by humans. However, their efforts are in vain.


Mh characters samurais.jpg

Working for Asano Kubou (Lord Asano), they attack Eboshi's Tatara Ba. For warlords, the iron and weapons made at Tatara Ba are an important resource, and Lord Asano wants the Tatara Ba for himself.


Mh characters women.jpg

They were rescued by Eboshi from prostitution and now work at Tatara Ba. They push the huge Tatara (foot bellows) to make iron. It is very hard work, but they say it's heaven compared to what they went through. It is a religious taboo for women to work at Tatara Ba, but Eboshi gave these women work.


Mh characters blacksmith.jpg

They suffer from leprosy, and therefore are "untouchables". Eboshi gave them jobs at her Tatara Ba, and now they work as blacksmiths, making Ishibiya (hand cannons).

Ishibiya Syuu (Ishibiya People)

Mh characters ishibiya.jpg

They are mercenaries who were lent to Eboshi from Shisho Ren. They fight Mononoke with their Ishibiya (hand cannons imported from China) and guard the Tatara Ba. There are about 40 of them.

Jibashiri ("Those who run on the ground")

Mh characters jibashiri.jpg

The hunters who know more about the mountains than ordinary hunters. They have special skills such as wearing a raw animal hide so that animals won't notice them. They are also social outcasts.

Karakasa Ren  

Mh characters karakasa.jpg

A mysterious group which follows Jiko Bou. They are after the head of Shishi Gami, and will do anything to get it. They have huge umbrellas (Karakasa) which hide blow darts in their handles.

Moro no Ko (Moro's Children)

Mh characters moroko.jpg

Moro's sons. They are not as intelligent as Moro, but they fight against humans with San.

Shisho Ren  

A mysterious organization for which Jiko Bou works. They ordered Jiko Bou to get Shishi Gami's head, but not much is known about them.