Ocean Waves II (book)

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I Can Hear the Sea II: Because There Is Love
Umi Book II Japan Soft Cover.jpg
1999 Soft Cover Edition
Author Saeko Himuro
Original title (if not in English) 海がきこえるⅡ アイがあるから
(Umi ga Kikoeru Tsū: Ai ga Aru Kara)
Illustrator Katsuya Kondō
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Released April 1995
June 1999
Pages 1995 issue: 271
1999 issue: 302
Size and weight 1995 issue: B6 Hardcover
1999 issue: A6 Softcover
ISBN 1995 issue: -10: 4-19-860287-5
-13: 9784198602871
1999 issue: -10: 4-19-891131-2
-13: 9784198911317

Original Price: ¥1200
Reissue price: ¥590

Note: Sequel to Ocean Waves. The reprint has the same color illustrations as the original, too!

1995 Hard Cover Edition
1995 Hard Cover Edition