My Neighbors the Yamadas (manga sample)

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"Yamda-Kun" is a story about the Yamada family; Takashi (father), Matsuko (mother), Sige (grandma), Noboru (son), Nonoko (daughter), and Pochi (family dog). They speak Kansai dialect (the dialect spoken in the Western part of Japan). Generally, Japanese find the words spoken in Kansai dialect very funny.

Each strip consists of 4 cels. Since it is serialized in a newspaper, it often deals with hot topics. One such topic in 1997 was the monster hit Mononoke Hime.

From Asahi Newspaper - July 21, 1997

July 21, 1997 Yamada manga

Panel 1

  • Sige (grandma): I'm Home! I saw it! You know, that anime movie...
  • Matsuko (mother): You mean, Monogoi Hime (Princess Begger)?
  • Noboru (son): No, it's Momonoki Hime (Princess Peach Tree)

Panel 2

  • Nonoko: It's Mononoko Hime (Princess Child of Things), isn't it?

Panel 3

  • Shige: Yes! it's a story of Mononoko Hime who got lost in the forest, and she eats the house made of sweet in three days..No, No!

Panel 4

  • Shige: It was a really long line, and I couldn't get through, Sokonoke Hime (Princess Out of the Way)
  • Matsuko: Oh, so you just saw the line.